The new Zac Picto system is our most ambitious, ground-breaking and exciting new product since Zac Browser. Beta testing will begin soon and we’ll release it as completely free software in 2012. After consultation with hundreds of people in our communities, we’ve spent the last eighteen months planning and developing this comprehensive system. It will be the ultimate tool for families and professionals involved with someone on the autism spectrum.
We started with well-established research into visual thinking and the power of pictograms as part of the user experience, especially for those on the spectrum. Zac Picto will be a lifetime assistant, from diagnosis onward, which will grow and adapt to the needs and progress of its individual user. It also facilitates a comprehensive community of everyone involved, from parents, teachers and therapists to babysitters and everyone in between. It’s designed to support any of the current therapeutic modalities, offers unlimited activities and has a complete schedule manager and progress monitoring system.
It’s all this and more, and we’re pleased and proud to be rolling it out to the worldwide autism community in the coming weeks and months. Please get in touch with us to learn more or get involved.